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Steamed Sea Perch with Lily Bulbs and Honey Soya Sauce

Wracking your brains for a simple yet healthy dish to prepare for your guests? Try cooking this dish! Made with mostly natural and fresh ingredients, it minimises the use of sugar and other unnecessary flavourings to bring out the authentic taste of the fish.

Healthy Tips:

  • This dish is easy to prepare, and retains the good fats of Omega-3 fatty acids through steaming.
  • For an even healthier meal, you can reduce the amount of honey and salt used.
  • It can be easily paired with brown rice and blanched broccoli or other vegetables, for a well-balanced meal.


Infographic reviewed by Louis Yap, dietitian at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Recipe provided by Wong Boo Hor, chef at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital